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Working with us is easy and transparent.

We will walk you through every step of the way and build flexible and customized plans that meet your objectives.


Straightforward - Step By Step


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation here or call us directly at: 214-837-8425. We’ll first learn about your business objectives and current marketing strategy, and then discuss what packages we offer and which services we recommend to help you meet your goals.


Once you’ve selected your package and signed the contract, we’ll schedule another consultation to discuss your specific strategy in more detail. We’ll also walk you through the process and timeline. Typically, campaigns can be set up within 24 – 48 hours of the signing the contract.


We will get to work implementing the strategy we have created, keeping you informed and analyzing the performance on a regular basis. We are constantly optimizing ads, adjusting audience targeting, and measuring results. The client’s only job is to keep developing content according to the strategy and ideas that we’ve created together.


You will receive regular status reports that detail the measurable results of each campaign. We will continually optimize campaigns to ensure we achieve all goals and continue to growing your business.

How Facebook Advertising Will Transform Your Business

We get it, Facebook advertising is a big step. With over 2.3 billion active monthly users on Facebook, understanding how to properly select and place advertisements on this social media platform can be overwhelming. But having a presence on social media is no longer optional, it’s essential. And in order to get the most reach on social media, businesses must learn to leverage Facebook and its plethora of marketing tools and algorithms.

We’re here to make all of that easier. Team up with us at Wild and Free Marketing and we will help you master Facebook advertising. Whether you’re new to working on the platform, or looking to optimize your existing presence, we’ll develop a tailor-made social media marketing strategy for your business. Our data-driven approach will drive measurable results to help you stand out and be found by your target audience.

Here are just some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients:

  • Increase in revenue of over 500%
  • Higher return on ad spend- exceeding 7x ROI
  • Greater number of new leads by over 150%
  • Improved customer conversion rate (i.e. booking requests, demos, contact us)
  • Increased brand impressions
  • Boost in profile page traffic as much as 82.5% in 30-days
  • Lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs)

Our mission is to help you achieve yours, so get in touch with us today to learn how you should be using Facebook advertising to transform your business.

Why is it beneficial to work with a Facebook Marketing Partner?

When deciding to work with us at Wild and Free Marketing, clients are choosing to work with certified experts in Facebook Marketing. The Facebook certification program – also known as a Facebook Blueprint Certification – recognizes those who have demonstrated advanced knowledge of the platform.

Facebook Partners are agencies and individuals whose advertising skills have been put to the test and passed with flying colors. A few factors that decide if a marketing agency qualifies include:

  1. A reputation for being able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to important industry changes
  2. A transparent business model
  3. A proven track record of client success
  4. Customer feedback that speaks to quality support
  5. Proven success across multiple industries
  6. A positive relationship with both clients and Facebook


At Wild and Free Marketing, we’re specifically trained on how to drive measurable results via the Facebook platform that save you both time and money. We have mastered how to best use the platform to ensure that we maximize the impact of our clients’ advertising spend and we ensure that all of your social media needs are met with the most current features and programs that Facebook has to offer. Those skills are exactly why so many of our clients achieve such stellar results when we’re behind their Facebook campaigns.

As an FMP, we also have exclusive access to a range of tools that allow us to deliver impressive results to our clients across both Facebook and Instagram advertising. By working with an FMP, our clients can take advantage of a plethora of resources not available to other agencies:

  • Enhanced measurement and reporting on Facebook ads
  • Marketing trend updates so that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to important industry changes
  • Guidance from seasoned Marketing Science experts, including in-person workshops and virtual training, to continually build our skill set
  • Educational resources that help us help our clients learn to manage their marketing programs independently
  • Invites to exclusive Facebook events, such as the +PRO Partner Event and Facebook PRO Expo
  • Access to tools such as creative templates, social narratives and funnel overviews to deliver the best possible service to our clients
  • Concierge support so that we always have someone on hand, helping us to help you

When you choose to work with Wild and Free Marketing, you are choosing to work with a team of experts dedicated to making your mission become a reality.

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